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Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into Google AdSense at this time. We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below. Issues: – Domain ownership not evident ——————— Further detail: Domain ownership: In order to participate in Google AdSense, publishers must own the top-level domain of their site or have permission to run ads on this site. We’ve found that the registration information for this domain does not match the current company and contact information associated with your application. If you can provide proof that you own, please reply to this email. To apply for AdSense using a different website, please update and resubmit your application by following the instructions below. For your information AdSense advertisements cannot be properly implemented on Naver, Yahoo, Empas, Egloo, Daum, Nate, MSN, Cyworld and MySpace sites. ———————

You can find more details and application tips at

To update and resubmit your application, please visit and log in using the email address and password you submitted with your application. Our specialists will review your account for compliance with our program policies, so please make sure to resolve all of the issues listed above before resubmitting.

For a complete list of AdSense criteria, please visit:

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us at at any time. Regards,

The Google AdSense Team

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