How To Create An Attractive Forum Website With Google Ads Linking To My Google Adsense Account? | All About Money Online

I have been working on my Google Adsense program for the past 8 months already but had yet to earn a single dime! I knew the main reason was because my website is simply not attractive enough to draw traffic. I gave up after that! Somehow, I started to realize that in order to draw visitors to my website I had to make an effort to create another attractive website and thought that setting up a forum site with Google ads linking to my adsense account would be a great idea to draw enough traffic to my website and more people will get to click on my ads! I had previously tried Blogspot but somehow the options are limited! I knew of but I need to pay a rather big sum of money to get my website professionally done which I don’t intend to!

I’m still very much a stranger to setting up a website, therefore, I’m asking for some help to set up an attractive forum site to draw visitors! Any links other than Blogspot would be welcomed!

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