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Very often people tend to choose wrong domain name for the blog or website. However this post will concentrate more on Blog owner domain name. Because my site is all about making money onling with your blog.

If you noticed, Lots of bloggers choose their personal name or maybe words that has meaning their life or maybe their surroundings. This is ok for personal blogs but not for commercial or making money blog. The reason, it is hard to brand your blog with personal name or words that may not sound commercial. You might want to sell your blog after sometimes. So it is very important to choose the right domain name for your blog. Here is some tips;

1) Do not use your personal name if you plan to blog for commercial things.

2) Don’t mix your boyfriend or girlfriend in your domain name, what if you guys break up?

3) Try to get meaningful domain name

4) Think about your blog future and what’s the blog is for

5) Get a domain that is easy to remember.

Yup that is the simple tips form hope you gonna like it and will help you in the future. !

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