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We all want to be a successful bloggers no matter how hard it would be. Beside doing something you love (blogging) being able to make money online with your blog is fun.

But blogging for success (being able to make big money) isn’t a simple process. I stumbled upon a great article from talking about Blogging for fun or money where in his article he pointed out that people who just started and blog just for the sake of money won’t go far if the fun element is not there.

Another great article i stumbled from Johnchow is talking about 7 reason why i forgot your website this is a guest blog by Alan Johnson among the reason are:

1 – A far too complicated domain name

2 – A dull template which everyone is using as well

3 – A bad title

4- Absolutely horrible content

5- Bad navigation

6 – Not enough updates

7 – Nothing which makes you stand out

Well what a great information, however i want to add more here:

8- Using Jargon english language

Some people love to used jargon terms which some readers do not understand. I’m ok with the jargon words if explained but if they don’t what is the reason i keep reading when i don’t understand even a single words?

9- Using too much Bombastic words

I sometimes found a super great blog loaded with lots of great content with a super bombastic words. This people often with a literature background, So they tend to write article with a novel touch. they used lots of metaphors in their post. If you are blogging for money, keep it simple stupid!

10- Slow Loading site

This is the most important factor i forgot your website! sometimes we just can’t help it. but try to avoid this problem get a better hosting server! i will definitely say no to your website forever.

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