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Hello guys, I am using Google Adsense ( on my website to earn revenue from visitors that come there and click on links. One of the problems is that some people like to CLICK RAMDOMLY on ads, so that Google can cancel my Adsense account and stop paying me to receive money. I wanted to protect myself from click fraud, by using some Google tools or even third-party software that lets me CONTROL the number of clicks a user can make and give it some limits, for instance, block users and sometimes even not receive revenue from users who are clicking the SAME ad. Can you please help me find a good software to prevent this? Click fraud is really bad and is always bad news for webmasters. NOTE: I am not asking this question so I can cheat myself in Adsense. I know Google is smart enough to delect thiefs, and I don’t want to do this anyway. All I want is protect my account, but its hard to find a way to do this. Hope you can help me. Thank you very much in advance!

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