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I just started on my first job in U.S. The pay is low but so are my expenses since I’m still young (recent graduate) and partially supported by my dad (hopefully, this will change soon). I’m SO naive when it comes to investing. But what I know about myself is: 1) I’m willing to take risks (on 50% of my investments)

2) I intend to invest 50% of my monthly earnings

Given these information, could you give me tips on where to start, is it worthy to put %50 of my investment budget on high risks short term investment. What is the best online broker for beginners, and do you think that it is good idea to learn by trial, because whenever I grab a book to read about investing, I get lost and bored quickly!
Sorry for the long question, but what I mean is, could you give me your experience on how you started, where you started, what are the killer mistakes to avoid.


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