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FYI – Warren Buffet made serious money with the forex not too long ago. And George Soros build his empire on the forex…. The decision to buy or sell currencies should go along with knowing when certain fundamental releases are coming out. So you need to know technical analysis and fundamentals. To say that it’s very difficult depends totally on the person and/or the information to learn the craft. There’s bad info and good info. The internet is loaded with all kinds of courses and free ebooks, be careful. DO NOT believe there’s a holy grail out there that will make you tons of money, if you do i promise you you’ll be on for a long search leaving you confused and with empty pockets. Don’t try to overdo things and use your common sense, keep it simple. Nobody needs a thousand indicators on a computer screen to make sound trade decisions. Way more than half the forex traders lose so you need to prepare yourself thouroughly before using real money. If you don’t take it as a serious business or are too emotional you wont survive. Keep your cool, take it easy and use your own logic. Only you knows what works for you, so dont let anybody else tell you what works for you. I’m afraid this is a quest you have to take on your own and there really are people out there making money with the forex so take the latter as an encouragement. Stick with reliable sources, i recommend FXCM and their courses. If you can’t afford a course open a demo account to practice and a trial of dailyfx+. there you get buy/sell signals, you might want to use the intraday technical analyzer if you want to daytrade…. hope you dont get carried away by fear and greed, good luck!

Thar she, it’s not because you had tough luck (like many others) that you’re talking facts. Trading currencies is a calculated risk, wether you daytrade or invest long term. If you want to call it gambling so be it but i know where you’re coming from to say that. I’m making it just like the men i mentioned, eventhough i’m a daytrader. Yes for the latter it requires a different mindset than you would need for swing trading or investing but it doesn’t mean there’s no money to be made on a regular bases.

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