How Much Money Does A Person Usually Make Per Click On Google Adsense? | All About Money Online

If the ad zone has has a lot of traffic and it gets a high click rate percentage More then 3% from different IPS then it makes anywhere from 0.11 to 0.45. If the adzone gets a little traffic and a high click rate 50% from the same few ips then it will make anywhere from 0.02 to $1.00 but that’s when Google puts the garbage ads on your site. Basically if the ad clicks are coming from the same few IPs and there is very little traffic to that zone it assumes it could be fruadulent clicks and the good ads don’t get placed there.
To make money you really to generate a huge amount of traffic from different IP’s and when you get the 0.11 per click it really ads up and you end up making more.

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