How Much Money Can You Realisticaly Make From Google Adsense? | All About Money Online

It depends on a lot of factors. If you have gazillion traffic, even if you have low paying keywords, you can earn millions a year. The popular Canadian dating site PlentyofFish ranked by Alexa as 706 struggled at first with very low CPMs. But when his traffic increased he still managed to earn millions from Adsense… My site is nowhere’s traffic as my site is only ranked 33,726 in Alexa, but my CPM is VERY GOOD and CTR is also excellent so I manage to earn 6-digits a year from Adsense So realistically, sky’s the limit in terms of earning from Adsense — if you know how to leverage the strengths of your site and work to offset the weaknesses.

One thing is clear: Adsense is not for every website there is; you must have the RIGHT type of website for Adsense to work and for you to see great earnings from the program

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