How Much Leverage Are You Comfortable Trading In Forex? | All About Money Online

Does anyone have any suggestions on a leverage limit? Many FOREX brokers allow up to 200:1 leverage. My trading strategy is to take just very small gains (3 or 4 pips at a time) and set the stop losses way out there just to avoid a total wipeout. I never trade on Fridays either and of course close out before the market closes. Because of the giant stop losses, I am only comfortable with around 20:1 leverage or maybe 30:1. In other words, with a $500 margin account balance, I would only consider buying 0.1 lots of EURUSD (10,000) at a time; 0.2 lots with $700; 0.3 lots with $1100 and so on…

Does anyone out there use the same strategy as me and feel comfortable with higher leverage like 40:1, 50:1 or even higher?

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