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So here’s the next question in my credit-card cleanup. I have a card that I just paid off, and it has an excellent APR on purchases. Now, I’m sure I should just ask the credit company, but why not pick the brains of the Yahoo! Answerers out there and see what you think? How long do I need to have the card at $0 balance to stop getting hit with finance charges? The card I have charges on the average daily balance, which can be quite high in a month I’ve had a lot of activity, even if I paid off the last statement in full. I don’t think my card has a “no charges on new purchases” clause but I can find out. It is a Chase Visa, signed up for it several years ago when the AP was a fixed 8.9%

What I’d like to do, though, is get the card to $0 balance and just continue to pay off in full monthly, to avoid finance charge. Or, is it too late for that now?


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