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Here is the deal. I kind of got taken from a shady Persian gentlemen who did the financing for me at my local Honda dealership. So he got me for a higher interest rate, lied to me so I would purchase stuff like extended warranty and gap insurance. My question is this: Based on my original loan the total loan amount of my interest would have been like $12,000 spread out over six years. But I went ahead and paid a large portion of that down and refinanced with a third party – therefore reducing the total interest to something like
$3500 over four years. So here is my question. Does this dishonest finance guy at the dealership get a cut of the original $12,000 and get his money up front? Or will he only get a cut of the total amount of interest I paid on the original loan which was about $1300? I want to know if by refinancing through some other lender if I took money away from him that he was expecting would come to him based on the terms of the original loan?

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