How Does Google Adsense Determine What Is Good Traffic And What Is Low Quality Traffic? What Are Some Examples | All About Money Online

Example of low quality traffic is Trafficswarm and all those 100,000 hits for only $29.99 schemes. Low quality traffic is traffic that you get for the heck of getting those 100,000 hits, never mind if those 100,000 hits are not even remotely interested in what your site is all about or what your content is or what you have to offer. They just need to click on the links they are presented — one of which is your site — in order that they get the points that will allow others to click on their site as well. It is useless traffic because the visitors are not interested in your site. That means these “visitors” will not even look at your content — much less the ads. Majority of these “visitors” will not even go past your homepage. Google thinks it is a disservice to their advertisers as there is no chance that these people will be genuinely interested in the ads.

Yahoo Publishers Network is even stricter in defining low quality traffic, as it is known to kick out publishers where the bulk of their traffic comes from MySpace. YPN thinks MySpace traffic is crap and removes those publishers that depend on MySpace.

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