How Does Digital Photography Compare Not To Traditional Photography? Are Image Resolutions At A Par? | All About Money Online

When shooting traditional photography, there is NO room for mistakes. The image has to be perfect on the transparency or negative. The cost of “fixing” mistakes could cost the photographer enough in one year to pay for a new lens .. it is just better to get it right the first time … in the camera. If the photographer uses the same process, producing digital images and has one of the current DSLR’s with a high resolution sensor, then the images can be on par with one another. Once someone starts trying to “fix” the image in Photoshop or other photo darkroom program, the quality is diminished noticeably after just a couple of changes unless the changes are done by a digital darkroom wizard .. but then we are not talking about photography, but post-production or pre-press work … not something a photographer chooses to do usually.

The one area where digital photography excels is when shooting time critical or “deadline” photography. No time is wasted developing the film and printing a wet neg to meet deadline. The memory card can be handed to an assistant and they can do a rough edit and send the best image to the publisher, newspaper or magazine, while the photographer is shooting the rest of the event or game.

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