How Do You Start Your Own Blog Or Website To Generate Money With Google Adsense? | All About Money Online

You don’t need to know any HTML, JavaScript, or any single programming language. The thing that you must know is how to write and write well. You can simply start your own blog. First you need to register from a free blogging service such as Blogger ( ) or WordPress ( ); there are several free blogging services out there. The next step is thinking about your main blog topic which you will focus on. Then you start writing something there. You need to promote your website. You might visit other people blogs, leave the comments, invite those to visit your sites. If they’re interested, they will come back again. When you receive enough readers, I might say 500+ a day. You might register Google AdSense, and then put in your own website.

Tip: If you get your blog on StumbleUpon or Digg. Your site will get new hundreds visitors easily.

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