How Do I View What My Current Url Website Address Is Through My Existing Google Adsense Account? | All About Money Online

Unless you have something set up in the ALLOWED SITES (go to this by logging into your account –> Adsense Setup –> Allowed Sites) and in the channels, there is not a list of your websites where you are using your existing Adsense
But you’re supposed to know what your current url website address, right ) However, if you are concerned that your Adsense code is showing up in other sites, be sure to: 1 – In ALLOWED SITES, choose “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account” and then set the URLs of the sites where you want your Adsense code to show 2 – Regularly visit the SITE DIAGNOSTICS section as it sometimes catches URLs of sites where your ads are showing, but they’re not your sites

3 – Create URL CHANNELS so you can track the performance of each website URL you own

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