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  • You could review what other finance clubs are doing;_ylt=A0geu.QwnfBGQz0BCgNXNyoA?p=finance+club&fr=sfp

    Each area of finance … economics, accounting has national organizations

    some of them encourage and support local chapters and affiliate organizations … you might ask what kind of support they can give to a high school club of students interested in a career in their profession.

    You might be able to swing a free subscription to some magazines that would be sent to your club, care of your school library, so that other students can learn from them, when your club membership is not using them.

    Think various kinds of professional accountants, CPAs, auditors, economists, business associations

    you can look for such associations in the search engines

    At the university level, students often may start clubs without having a faculty advisor.

    At the high school level, students normally need a faculty advisor. Many teachers might not have the time, so if you plan your organization in such a way that the students pledge to do most of the work, clean up the room at end of meeting, kind of have a set of rules for the members duties, then it will probably be easier to find an advisor.

    The teacher involved does not need to have anything to do with what the club is doing, so you can shop around for a teacher whose classroom is especially suitable, like it has computers, nice tables, a place to store your club stuff.

    Ask your advisor, school leadership, what the rules are for inviting some speaker to the school … there’s all kinds of possibilites and many of them are free.

    Consider this … there are authors who tour the country promoting some book that has just been published … books on every subject imaginable … the publishers of the books are paying the travel expenses of the authors, the hotel motel, meals, etc. then they end up for book signings at book stores, and conventions, and get interviewed on local TV.

    You could tell some publishers that you would be interested in having one of these authors speak at your school, and that you have permission from the principal for the school auditorium to be used for this, and to advertise it outside of your club to other students.

    Don’t you think some author would love to come to a high school to talk about their new book, and answer questions from the students/ Do you know who Greenspan is? Did you know he has a book just come out & is touring the counrty?

    It may be too late for your school club to get him.
    But that is a name to drop when trying to explain to the principal what a great idea this is.

    You might want to consult with the principal and school library … you think that some reports by the GAO would be educational to put in the school library, and have the members of your club borrow and discuss, but put back in the library when you not using them … could the school arrange to pay for the photocopying of these reports and placing them in nice binders … they can run to 50 pages each, and the GAO comes out with 2-10 a day, but your club is probably only interested in 2-3 a week.

    Take a look at their site & see if you agree that what they find out is a worthy topic for your club to discuss at your meetings

    You can learn a lot about GAO analysis, without neccessarily being interested in any given topic that they are doing the analysis on.

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