How Do I Put My Itunes Library On Both Of My Computers? | All About Money Online

I have 2 computers I use all the time; my notebook and my desktop. Over the years, I have put hundreds of dollars into songs, TV shows, and movies from iTunes spread out between the 2 computers. I want to move all of the library from my desktop to my laptop, and vice versa. I know how to do this and will be doing it with one of my expternal hard drives. However, I hear that you cannot put TV shows etc on two computers. I hear that in order to move it from one PC to another, I have to deauthorize one (even though I am allowed to have 5 authorized PCs to my account). Is it possible to have my entire library on both computers at the same time? I want to make sure it is even do-able before I spend my time moving 400 GB in media.


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