How Do I Make A Domain Unaccessable For Computers On A Network That Share The Same Lan Connection? | All About Money Online

I have a domain setup with MS Server2000 that all of the computers in our company are part of. I need to have a certain number of computers removed from the domain so that everything within the domain is unaccessable from those computers while they still work within the building. I created a separate workgroup and added those few computers to it so that they can share files between them but not with the rest of the company and not with the domain. The problem is is that because they are within the building and on the same lan – when they are on the workgroup they can still access the folders on the domain through My Network Places and map drives to those folders (some are shared).

How can I set the server/domain so that everybody outside of the domain cannot access any folder or file residing on the domain itself? So… how do i make DOMAIN-A unaccessble by any computer outside of DOMAIN-A or at least by any computer on WORKGROUP-B?

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