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To make good money with Adsense, you need a couple of things:- – A website that has good quality content that’s targeting long tailed keywords (preferably. For information, long tailed keywords are keywords that have more than 3 words), so the chances will be higher that they will be in the top 10 listings in Google search engine (as competition for these keywords are much lower) – Good source of traffic (you can attract traffic from lots of means – you can either get from the top search engines by getting your website ranked high in them, or get traffic from Web 2.0 platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, Digg,, etc., or you may want to buy traffic from Pay Per Click Search Engines – though I do not advise you to use this) – Your Adsense modules in your websites must NOT look obvious – in that your Adsense modules must blend into your website – so it will not be obvious to your website visitors that those are actually ads. Here are some of the things you can do to get good income from Adsense from the top of my head – oh… 1 more thing – learn from the RIGHT Adsense person – I’ve picked up my Adsense skills from Joel Comm – he’s the Adsense guru on the Internet and made truckloads of cash from Adsense. I highly recommend you to get his book called Adsense Secrets if you are really serious about making more money from Google Adsense – here’s the link –… – you might want to take a look – I’ve bought this book myself and I’ve increased my Adsense revenue by more than 500%…

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