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I’ve been using Adsense for several years now and have had a good bit of success. I believe Adsense earnings depend on the following: 1. The amount of traffic your site/blog gets (However, a 50% increase in traffic might not correspond to a 50% increase in Adsense revenue, but we all love more visitors, don’t we?) The number/percentage of returning visitors also determine your earnings. For example, if you have a popular forum web site, you might not get high CTR because most returning visitors will have “ad-blindness”. 2. The kind of ad displayed – depends on the keywords on the page. If you get low-payout ads from certain companies (trust me, you can recognize such ads), you can remove them using the “Competitive Ad Filter”. 3. The industry niche you target in your content. My advice is: 1. Keep adding useful content (remember to judiciously use keywords) 2. Contact at least 3 other web sites each day to link back to you (get inbounds only from quality web sites) 3. Create custom channels and review the progress of different ad units (sizes and colors – layouts) and placements. [I don’t think adding more ad units works – its depends more on “where” to place the ads – above the fold, after the content, on the right side…] You need to increase your CTR (Click-thru rate).

4. Google ad prices also depend on the industry niche. For example, “insurance” or “mortgage” ads would be more profitable (for an Adsense publisher) than “books”.

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