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O.K, so I’m only 15, but I like photography and would like to peruse it as a career someday. I have a decent digital camera, It’s a 5mp camera with a 4x optical zoom and a pretty decent lens. It’s just a point a shoot, but I didn’t have $700 to spend on an slr. I’ve read a book that taught me about aperture and iso and stuff. Anyway, can photography be a potential career? What could I do, if it made decent money I would like shooting weddings and events and stuff (I like candid photography best) but am willing to explore other options. Know, since I’m only 15 I know I wont be making any money for awhile but what can I do now to prepare for later? I mean like practising my photography. Oh yeah, I am decent at editing my photos and have Paint Shop Pro. So, yeah, what can I do know and what should I do later? P.S

You don’t have to tell me that your not going to be able to do photography full time starting out, I know that photography would have to be a side job.

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