How Can I Make 5k A Month With Google Adsense? | All About Money Online

Many people are creating websites for the sole purpose of providing links to Adsense Ads.… This is supposed to provide them with $5-$20 per day per site. For example if you created 20 websites on various topics and steal some content to make them look ‘normal’, and you get $10 each day in click-thrus, you would make 300*20=$6K per month. Of course you have to set this all up and drive browsers to the sites in order for them to click the syndicated Ads. There are people who offer ‘packages’ of MFA sites. I dont know if this works. Basically cuz I dont want to be a sucker. MFA sites are against Google Adsense policy and they will shut your site(s) down if you violate.

Go to Google and search on ‘adsense’. Read some of the sponsored links on the right side.

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