How Can I Access The Other Computers On My Home Network? | All About Money Online

I have a Linksys wireless router, a Dell desktop and an IBM laptop, both running Windows XP Pro. Both computers belong to a workgroup called OurNet. From the desktop, I can see the laptop in My Network Places but it won’t let me in gives me a dialog box that I’m not allowed in and to talk to an admin. From the laptop I get the same dialog box, but at the workgroup level – it shows me the name of the workgroup but it won’t show me which computers belong to the workgroup. I have set up shares on both computers. What am I missing?
BTW, my son took the laptop to a school sponsored “LAN Party” and had a similar issue – could get “on” the network but could not access any file servers, and no one could access his shared folders. Whether or not that’s a good thing is an issue for another day, but I’d like to get it to work so that at least these two computers can trade files back and forth, share a printer, etc.

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