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ok so [kind of long please read it though]

lets start with im 14. my parents divorced 6 years ago [dad cheated on mom] and since then i think my mom picks on me because i am my fathers child.

my mom got re married to this guy i really dont like and of course she doesnt care she says i need to get a life and shut up.

i feel like she is the most negative person i know she yells at me everyday for nothing.

her and her husband are abusive. if i get a bad grade she will punch me and tells me ‘ i’ll give you something to cry for’ but i get bad grades because she wont help me with my homework, if i ask she will say ‘ are you stupid do you need a tudor .’ her husband has hit me several times even slapped me once and i blacked out and had marks on my face, couldnt go to school for two days. they both constantly pick on me and make fun of me. i want to move with family but sadly, my dad, my aunts, my uncles, cousins theyre all like this. im the black sheep of the family
so i constantly get picked on from both sides of my family.

ALSO, she spends the money we ‘dont’ have going to the casino EVERY weekend… that may sound like an exaggeration.. but its not she goes to the casino every friday&saturday.. and you know what i do? I sit at home with no food untill she comes back and every other weekend i go to my dads house, and shes supposed to pick me up BUT, she goes to the casino and i usually get picked up at like 1 am. And even during school nights, she goes to the casino and makes me stay in the hotel room till she comes back, then when she gets back we drive home at whatever time of night she feels.

even on my birthday i asked for something as simple as balloons and cake and you know what she said ‘ we have no money’ wanna know what she bought on MY birthday? a coach purse with the money we ‘dont’ have.

and when i tell her what i tell you guys she just says ‘ dont worry about what im doing’ or ‘ whatever thats not the case’

my mother goes out of town every other weekend almost to spend time with her husband, leaving me either at the house alone or at my dads. she never tells me where she is going but i over hear where sometimes and its usually vegas ;l.

and ive told her all of this and she just laughs it off, i want to tell someone but i cant tell family cause i cant trust anyone and i dont want to end up in foster care or anything but i honestly cant stand it and i have no one to talk to i really do not like my own mother, i say to myself everyday that when i become rich someway somehow i will never talk to my mother again. i know its sad but it is completely true.
i dont get along with my dad at all we cant handle eachother for more than a day

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