Has New Technology Decrease Your Photography Buisness? | All About Money Online

Now that we’re in the digital age where everyone out there with a camera phone or digital camera think that they are a photographer have you lost a great deal of buisness??? I recently opened up a Portrait Studio in a town thats 45 minutes away from a town with several studios, anyways I’ve only had 5 customers in two months. I also go to festivals and set up there as well. Yesterday I went to an expo, I paid over $500 to be in this expo there were over 20,000 people in attendance, I was the only photographer who was offering photo service with same day delivery. I only had 12 customers. It was a big loss for me. Several celebrities were at the expo and when they came on stage the majority of the people pulled out there camera phones and 3mp cameras.

I am now getting discourage and that new technology has messed it up for us true photographers. Please give me your feedback on this topic. I’ve been doing photography for 5 years.

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