Good Digital Cameras For Night Time Photography…? | All About Money Online

Hi, Last week, I went to Rome and when I came back, I noticed that all my photos that I had taken inside the Vatican Museums, Pantheon etc.. and everything I had taken at night time was of very poor quality. I had put SL Flash on for some of them, I had tried the night vision mode on my camera for some and everything but all the photos were not great. They are either really blurry, or look red/yellowey. My current digital camera is a Sony Cybershot 5.0megapixels. In 3 weeks time, I’m going to Paris but I am looking into buying a better camera. I don’t need to take any professional photography, I just want a camera that is good at low light photography because I will be taking loads of photos at night (I know it’s impossible to get a great one because digital cameras aren’t designed like this etc.. but my current camera is reallllly bad!!) I would really appreciate it if you could recommend some cameras to me and give me some links to websites where I can buy them. Please (if you can) could you give me some links to see your night time photography pics and give me the brand&model of your camera? I don’t have a budget limit – just gimme links and I’ll buy! The only request I have is that the camera must be over 10megapixels.

Thanks very very much!

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