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If you are experienced forex treder , Please answer my question. 1.What Kind of technical indicators you use .Please make it accurate of the numbers. E.g If you say you use Moving Average means then please mention as Moving average ( 14 ) or Moving average ( 20) etc…..Please make it accurate…. 2.What frequency chart you use?Like hourly or daily or 5 mins or 3 min etcc….? 3.How many periods you keep on your chart?Like 70,80,90,100 etc…? 4.How technical indicators are useful when economic datas are due to annunced in few minutes? 5.How you manage Technical and Fundametal analysis? Please make it detail and clearer and accurate of your experiences as Much as you can…… I Know i am asking a Big question But i kindly request you to answer my query if you are really savvy in forex……

Thank you very much and appreciate your help

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