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my huband is always gone he wakes up in the morning and dont come home tell bed time.We have 4 kids and he is always with his friend he tells me he is not cheating on me but I dont trust him he has done it befor he also has a gambling problem would go to the casino in stead of work and lie to me about it he thinks there is nothing I should be mad about I dont know what to do any more. Think you could help me please!

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What is the best investment in the world?

What is the best investment in the world? I am looking for an answer that will cover all investment types I am looking for mutual or hedge funds investments a company real estate or something else If possible please specify several best investments: one for up to $5000, up to $10,000, up to

$100,000 and over $1,000,000

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How common is online poker cheating?

I’ve been playing stud and hold ‘em online for play money and I’m interested in the possibility of playing for real. I’ve seen some websites that advertise software which allows one to see opponents cards online…and I assume the casinos have ways of preventing this type of thing by encrypting the information. (Also, if the software really worked I’d assume the developer could make more money by discreetly using it himself rather than by selling it!)

But what I’m concerned about is the possibility of players colluding with one another as a team and communicating with each other to take advantage of one player who thinks he’s just playing with random people.

Do the online casinos watch for signs of this type of activity (such as the same group of people always playing together, players betting on and raising to bad hands, etc.)? If a group of people is suspected of cheating, what action, if any, is taken?

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Can a Small Business loan be used to purchase investment properties?

I’m entertaining the idea of using a small business loan to purchase investment properties for rental income and to renovate certain properties for resale down the road. Anybody have any opinions on this or know anything about it? Is this even allowed? What other options would I have?


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Do you think uranium mining companies are a good investment?

Hi so do you think the uranium mining companies in Australia would be a good long term investment? Considering that the stock prices are so low and the upside is huge surely?
If you don’t think they are then why not?

Many thanks

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How can i earn more money sitting at home in India?

I want to earn money as a part time basis. I want to do the job at night and i want to do it at home through internet. I stay in India so please tell me what to do. I want to do that kind of job where i dont have to spend some money initially or i dont have to deposit money initially. Please suggest. Most of the sites are there that have to deposit money before that Job.

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As a general rule, which of the following are LIKELY to require the greatest amount of investment outside o?

which of the following are LIKELY to require the greatest
amount of investment outside of the U.S. for a U.S. based corporation?

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Why do Americans get upset over big bonuses for investment bankers?

The American public fails to see that investment bankers and others on Wall Street work harder than most other groups. Those on Wall Street often work 80 to 100 hours a week every week of the year. They are not like the typical American working about 40 hours a week. Therefore, they deserve a large bonus!

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