Does Dell Have An Exchange Program For Old Computers Any Longer? | All About Money Online

I would like to exchange an older computer bought from Dell. I know that Dell used to have a program for this that included refurbishing the old machines (for impoverished individuals/families) and also provided rewards for loyal customers. I googled the program and searched throughout Dell’s website, but I can’t find anything except expired websites (regarding the Exchange Program) and Dell’s Recycling program, which is a different thing. I’d like for my computer to be refurbished so that somebody who needs it can get one. I’m aware that other programs are available, but Dell seems to make it very easy with free pickup and very little hassle for the customer. So does Dell have a program like this anymore, or do they simply shred every used computer they’re given? Did they also eliminate rewarding customers for giving old machines back?

Thanks in advance.

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