Does Anyone Know Of A Forex Or Currency Trading Seminar In Melbourne Or Adelaide? | All About Money Online

Hi I have been trading for a few months and i heard about some guys in Melbourne who are teaching forex trading. i meet up with them and they are incredible guys. The seminar is run by FX Masters who are based in Melbourne. They take people from all backgrounds to no trading knowledge at all to earning a fulltime income from trading currencies in around 6 months. They teach the basics right up to advanced trading strategies with ongoing support and coaching for as long as is required. The results these guys are achieving is incredible. Over a 21/2 lunch with Lance, I watched him trade and make a 300% profit. He has students all over the world many of whom start trading with as little as $150. They won’t let you start trading live until you are consisently achieve 80% winning trades. Lance has an amazing story. He spent 3 years reading 8 hours a day to work out a successful trading plan. He started with $2000 and within 12 months was generating $40 000 per day. He has been trading for about 15 years. These guys know what they are doing! Its one of best ways to make money in the current economic climate. The next scheduled course is in Melbourne on the 21 and 22 of March.

there will be one in Adelaide the first week of april

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