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I am an amateur photographer and am now looking into photo editing, and I just have questions, some of which hopefully you can help me with. Many people are telling me to get Adobe Elements because there is no major difference between that and Adobe Photoshop CS3. But i was also looking into Adobe Lightroom which also looked helpful but what I read seemed like with Lightroom, you need CS3. And then there’s Apature. What’s a good software? I want to get something good without paying an arm and a leg. I have no idea what to do. I’ve been watching videos, reading reviews, looking through tutorials and asking friends, yet I still have no clue. Can someone please aid an upcoming professional-yet-serious photographer with useful advice? Adobe Elements – $100 Adobe Photoshop CS3- $650 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom- $300 Apature 2- $200 PS: I’m on a Mac I have a Nikon D60 & Nikon D40x

Thank you

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