Digital Photography – Canon Powershot Is3 Camera, Problem Playing Back Videos I Have Shot With Camera On Cmptr | All About Money Online

Hi, I have a new Canon Powershot IS3 camera. One of its features is it takes high-quality videos like a video camera. I am thrilled by this feature and have shot many videos with it, but when I play them back on my computer they are choppy, cut in and out, and just don’t play right. The sound usually goes ok while the picture is frozen at first and then the sound starts to cut in and out too, and the video moves a little then freezes and it goes on like that. I am hoping that it is just wrong settings on my computer and is something that just needs tweaking. I don’t really have much choice in how to shoot the videos except the fps setting and size. I am shooting in NTSC mode, and my computer is an American Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop with windows XP. The movies have been opening with Windows Mediaplayer, but there isn’t any menu bar to look at settings on the movie window. If anyone can help me solve this problem I would be very happy! Thank you. (My photos of course are fine)

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