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I am going to be 18 in 17 days and I have a practice forex trading account that my brothers set me up with FX Express a few months ago. I have discovered that by using 1:100 leverage and setting the recommended stop-losses are too low and I think its the worst way to go about trading forex for me. I even think that setting the recommended stop-losses is too low anyway. What I have been doing however is to set my leverage to 1:25, and my stop-losses to the value of all my trading capital, and if neccessary, more than my investment, but I don’t need to do that yet anyway, and its been working out everytime I trade forex at me gaining 10%+ everytime I place a trade. Also its always been done on my favourite currency pair; GBP/USD.

What I’d like to know is if I continue to follow my rules and keep up with my self-made forex trading strategy and style, could I become a millionaire if I keep on winning like this with real money?

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