Can You Really Make $700/day Trading Forex “hands-free” With This Robot? I Need Some Genuine Answers Pls!? | All About Money Online

Hi all, I urgently need your help here. I just want to know are there such thing as a Forex Robot? I came across a website just now sharing a success story of a guy who is making $180, $350 or Even $1,000/day using a Forex Robot trading for him “Hands-Free” 24 hours every day.. I am really tempted to invest in one after reading his true story….but on the other hand…I scare of buying into a Scams. Since this is a section about finance & investing…. I hope someone can really help me on this dilemma. I am an absolute newbie to Forex trading and do not have any prior knowledge. So it would be really good if someone can guide me on this. So…has anyone tried this Robot Called “FAP TURBO” before? Need serious review pls…. Here’s the website I read about the forex success story just now: => Really hope I can find someone who has actually tried this Robot as it seems very amazing to me after reading the story.

Help me confirm that pls….greatly appreciated it!

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