Can you advise me on how to handle an unethical finance department within a Florida car dealership? | All About Money Online

Two weeks ago, in Florida, I financed a car. I signed a contract, paid the downpayment in the manner the dealership finance officers prescribed and drove off with the car. Now they want more money, in a different way or they threaten to pick up the car. I’m sure this is a common story and it also involves my original salesperson being fired, “hearsay” the likes of which would stagger an orator, getting repeated phone calls from many different people all with a different story, etc. I like the car and as I said, I signed the contract, paid the money and drove off with the subject of the contract. I’m imagining if they pick the car up that such is theft. Regardless, they tell me today I have to go into the dealership Sat. to “fix the deal”. As this all sounds like a problem on their end and the rule of “Consideration” was satisfied on the part of all involved, what can I do without court?

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