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It depends on various factors such as: – whether you can prove that you did not generate invalid clicks whether you clicked on your own ads, asked your friends to click on the ads, label your ads inappropriately, begged your visitors to click on your ads. The seriousness of the charge against you will spell whether you can be taken back in or not – what is the quality of your site: Google is more lenient if you have a better quality site, especially one that has been existence for years. If you just have a scraper site, a made for Adsense site with no real content and no value, chances are extremely slim you can be taken back again. Your site must pass the “sniff test” — at first look, they need to see VALUE in your site – what is the earnings potential of your site – if your site has value and traffic and can possibly earn substantially from the program you can be considered again Invalid clicks is a “catch all” term that they use, but it does not always mean that the publisher cheated. It can mean anywhere from clicking on your own ads, labeling the ads, inciting visitors to support the site and click on the ads, etc. It will not be up to Google to prove to you how they caught what they deemed as fraudulent clicks on your site. They will not show you the IPs of those who clicked. Instead, explain to them in a very professional manner that you never caused invalid clicks and send them your logfiles to help prove your case. You have to remember that the first responsibility of Google is to satisfy their advertisers, where the money comes from; and not the publishers. They need to protect the interests of advertisers at all cost. As a result, any clicks perceived to be less than above-board are investigated oftentimes leading to the cancellation of the account of the advertiser. There have been many cases of publishers whose account was initially disabled but reinstated from the program. Here are some threads from of such cases:……

Use the Google Adsense appeal form – fill that out and make your case that you deserve to be reactivated again and supply them with proof…

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