Can Someone Help Me With Some Questions About (digital) Photography? | All About Money Online

If you can provide a link that would be helpful for these types of question, or maybe a book, I would appreciate that as well. I am just starting to take up photography as a hobby and I’m trying to understand some of the concepts and the situations where these matter. For what it’s worth, right now I’m working with a Samsung Digimax U-CA5 5MP camera. When and why would you change the ISO settings. My camera has the following settings: auto, 100, 200, 400. I’ve taken pictures of the exact same object at each setting so I can see the difference. But I’m not sure how it relates to taking the best pictures. What about white balance. I sort of understand the concept, but how do I know the best way to manually set the white balance (does this come from experience). There is a slider I can adjust from -2 to +2 (9 total positions). And there seem to be presets for things like sunlight, cloudy, etc. Plus and RGB sliders.

What about metering. My camera has a setting for spot and multi.

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