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The results you see in the sponsored links on Google, or in the adsense advertisements are placed there by Adwords users. Adwords is the advertisementplatform of Google for advertisers. So, if you have a flowershop for instance, you can put an adwords advertisement online. What you have to pay for it depends on the keywords you are bidding for. Adwords works with a bidding system. If there are many others advertising for the same searchterms, the Cost Per Click will increase if you want your ad to be shown often and in the best places. The amount of per click can vary anywhere between 0,02$ and 5$ or even more, where 0,15$ is a nice average already. Since you can place a max. per day limit, you can easily manage your advertismentbudget. Adsense on the other hand is the side of the publishers, the website-owners who show ads on their website, and get paid to do so. To get started earning with Adsense yourself, you need a website or blog or something. If you do not have one, go to or, and create one. Then go to, and request an account. Once your account is approved, you can put adsense on your website. To get traffic, and search engine ranking, you need lots of good and original content, and lots of incoming links to your website. Depending on the amount of traffic on your website, and the finetuning of your adsense ads, you will earn more or less money.

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