Can I Join Google Adsense With A Different Account Name After Google Disable My Account For The First Time? | All About Money Online

Google will still find out about you — and disable your account again. This has been tried by others who have been kicked out of Google Adsense but eventually got caught again (which pissed them off further because the earnings from their new accounts were not given to them) If you will apply again, you need to apply with a different IP address, different name, different address, different tax information, different website (and don’t put your new codes in the old site you used that was banned), new WHOIS domain information or even new country — because you just never know how Google tracks former kickouts from reapplying. Some of these folks get approved, but they never stay long in the program till they are booted again because Google learns about them.

I suggest you focus on applying to other similar programs, and just skip Adsense altogether. You’d just get frustrated when you see you’ve earned money and you’re kicked out again before you receive your earnings. It happens, and it happens A LOT.

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