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Hello Martin, I’ve been a professional trader and fund manager for 7 years now, I belong to a rare club, one that manages funds for a living. Now let me define professional for you: In my terms, a professional means one that can consistently use his expertise and qualifications to provide solutions to his mass. The Foreign exchange is very rewarding and powerful industry, however, as you’ll learn, THAT power is constantly misused and the only one burnt in the end is the one that’s investing his/her hard earned money. Anyone that promises you quick riches in this industry is a red flag and run as far away from they as you can. The Realm of currency trading demands a professional and committed approach and a high level of respect any lucrative industry is due. I’ve seen John Arnold and Paul Rotter trade live and interviewed professionals that’ve worked with them too, so take my word for it, there’s no quick way. To answer your question, I’ve helped more than 6 people from Mumbai, India set up accounts within the USA and trade, also, I’m managing 2 of those accounts for the past 3 months. I can help you get what you need.

I’ve been providing professional consultancy within the Forex Investments sphere for years and now offer the same virtually:

Contact me if you need further guidance.

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