Can Anybody Recommend Me A Camera, Preferably A Digital? | All About Money Online

I need to get a good camera for photography purposes, but I’m completeley lost with all the different sorts of cameras you can buy. SLR, Wide-Angle lens, I don’t know the difference with any of them. So, can anyone recommend me a specific sort of camera I should get, based on the following: Price: doesn’t really matter, willing to spend £200+ if I have to. Purpose: Photography, not quick snap holiday photos (but ironically i want to take it on holiday with me). It’s for my Art course and I’m also going to make it a long term thing as well, so quality must be high Brand: Not bothered, althought I have heard that Canon cameras are the deities in the camera world Oh, and I would like it to be digital.

I have always had a camera so it’s not as if I have had no experience with photography, I just am unsure of what sort of camera I should get. Are dSLR’s the best choice? on wikipedia and they don’t seem that bad, but I would like your opinions.

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