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There are two main types of landing page:

1) Reference Landing Page

Reference landing pages deliver information relevant to the visitor. This could include text, images, links or other elements not requiring interaction.

2) Transactional Landing Page

Transactional landing pages ask visitors to complete a transaction such as clicking on an advertisement, filling out a form or downloading a file with the aim being immediate or eventual conversion of that prospect to a sale. To aid the capturing of new leads, transactional pages generally seek visitor contact details such as a name, email address and/or a telephone number.

A visitor taking the desired action on a transactional landing page is known as a conversion. Landing page quality can be measured by the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action (the conversion rate). Since the Return on Investment (ROI) of pay per clíck (PPC) campaigns is often determined by the conversion rate, advertisers should be constantly testing, tweaking and improving their landing pages. We will discuss testing methods available, such as A/B testing and multivariate testing, in a later lesson.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

In PPC and search marketing campaigns, the landing page is usually customized very closely to the advertisement which triggered it. In PPC campaigns, landing pages are vital in order to “close the sale” and encourage visitors to take the action you want them to take. By adding a parameter to the landing page URL (and therefore forming a tracking URL), advertisers can measure the ROI on their PPC ads based on relative clíck-through rates.

While enticing ad copy is very important in order to attract clicks, effective landing pages are vital in order to “close the sale” and encourage your visitors to take the action you want them to take.

Landing pages often determine whether you make a conversion or not. Using landing pages on your site also means that some visitors won’t ever see your home page. First impressions haven’t ever been so important, so you need your landing pages to represent your business, product or service in the best possible light.

What are the Goals of a Landing Page?

Many marketers make the mistake of assuming that a conversion is the main goal of an effective landing page. But attracting and capturing qualified leads is an easier and more important goal. Why? Because you can always “sell” to visitors later. Grabbing their contact details ensures you have captured them at the height of their interest.

So the main goals of a landing page are:

1) To Attract Prospects (primary goal) – grab email address and/or phone number

2) To Produce Conversions (secondary goal)

Features of an Effective Landing Page:

The ingredients for an effective landing page include:

  • Reinforced Ad Message
  • Punchy Headings
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Enticing Copy
  • Few Distractions
  • Value Proposition
  • Compelling Images
  • Little or No Navigation
  • Calls to Action
  • Few choices
  • Simple Language and Concepts
  • Important Content “Above the Fold”
  • Testimonials
  • Establish Visitor Trust
  • Foolproof Conversion Process
  • Test, Tweak and Test Again

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How to grab readers attention and read your blog and make they come back again to read your blog? The most important things for a bloggers is to be able to attract visitor and bring in traffic to their blog. However did you know without a proper knowledge your blog will go no where.

So how do we actually attract readers to read our blog? how can we grab our readers attention so that they stop to our blog and read our blog content?

Here is the Rules and tips to grab your readers attention to read your blog:

1) Creative Blog Title

Make sure you create and choose the right blog title for your post. Eg:

10 Reason why you cannot make money with your blog

Why My Blog Rocks then yours?

10 Tips on how to blog and making money

2) When Posting an article

Ask question to your readers, Discuss the topic you want you readers to know

3) Let them be part of your post or article.

Relate all your post with practical situations or a real situations Where you user can feel they were in that kind of situation and this will trigger their interest on your blog post

4) Insert images / Photo

Every post should come with Picture / Images so that your blog doesn’t look boring. Remember human love visualization concept.

5) Content content content

Instead of talking nonsense or ramblings, Feed your readers with a great content and tips so that they feel it is worth it to read your blog!

Once you engaged this tips, you are on your way to build your blog traffic and Make money with your blog too!

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Some Money Making Blogs reveal their monthly income but have you ever wondered why do they need to reveal their income? is it important for them to reveal or brag about their monthly profits? Frankly speaking, when i first started my blog i do wondered about it but now NO more .

Most of the world most popular and well known bloggers will brag or reveal their blog income, and this for sure give me motivation and maybe it do motivates you to blog right? I did reveal my blog income here previously and only to learn i have to stop talking about it since last April (Due to some minor problem) however i will soon reveal my May income don’t worry.

So the question, is Why Bloggers Reveal Their Monthly Income?

1) It generates More Traffic

2) It will create a loyal readers

3) To motivates other bloggers, that making money is possible with your blog

4) They want to brag (:P)

5) Simply A Monthly Income Report

Am done with it, i hope this post will give you some great tips ya

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Are you into financial information? had you experienced any problem getting the right and accurate information about financial? I for sometimes found out that getting a very good financial related articles or information is really hard.

Been wandering like days and sometimes weeks just to get the best information. But now, i no longer have to be in that situations anymore because i found good one stop financial portal for me to check on. Ya, it is .uk.

With a complete information and article you can easily find the best information or even comparing credit card services directly from their portal. Among the greatest function i love most was the ability for me to check on the best top 10 credit cards available for the customer to select from. There is sometimes a problem for selecting the right credit cards for you. Imagine, each credit cards offer has different features and advantages. I believe you do not want to go and collect all the brochure about each credit card providers and then go to compare it on your own.

In the end we want credit cards with good money value for our financial needs. Other then credit card services, you can also find great information and services about mortgages,loan, savings, insurance, banking, utility, investing and articles and don’t forget to check on their free service:

1) Reminder Service

2) Money Saving tips email

3) Money Saving E-book

4) Free Credit Report

Don’t wait, time to act now, head over to now! and get all information and details you want from the website.

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Very often people tend to choose wrong domain name for the blog or website. However this post will concentrate more on Blog owner domain name. Because my site is all about making money onling with your blog.

If you noticed, Lots of bloggers choose their personal name or maybe words that has meaning their life or maybe their surroundings. This is ok for personal blogs but not for commercial or making money blog. The reason, it is hard to brand your blog with personal name or words that may not sound commercial. You might want to sell your blog after sometimes. So it is very important to choose the right domain name for your blog. Here is some tips;

1) Do not use your personal name if you plan to blog for commercial things.

2) Don’t mix your boyfriend or girlfriend in your domain name, what if you guys break up?

3) Try to get meaningful domain name

4) Think about your blog future and what’s the blog is for

5) Get a domain that is easy to remember.

Yup that is the simple tips form hope you gonna like it and will help you in the future. !

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Here are 10 of the worst myths about networking, and their current, more sensible replacements:

1. Networking means meeting as many people as you can.
If possessing a huge stack of business cards or having met every business person in your city was a ticket to riches, this might be true. But it’s not. Networking gives you a chance to meet new people, but quality trumps quantity in human relationships, every time.

2. Networking means telling people about your business whenever you get a chance.
There’s nothing wrong with letting the folks at your gym, at your place of worship, and at your book club know what you do for a living. But people will quickly forget the details of your professional life. What they’ll remember is you — if you approach them with a desire to learn about them, as well.

3. Networking is hard work.
It may be that you’re working too hard. Networking happens naturally if you introduce yourself to people, stay in touch with people you’ve met, and think, in every interaction, “How could I help this person?”

4. Networking should start when you’re job-hunting.
If you get the call that you’ve been selected to compete on “American Idol,” it’s too late to start an exercise program or go on a diet. When you’re out of work, it’s a bit late in the game to start networking toward your next job. If you have to start then, do it; but it’s far better to start networking now, and build contacts for the job search that will inevitably come your way if you’re a working person who isn’t close to retirement.

5. Networking is for schmoozers.
Schmoozing is by far the least important networking skill. Good listening is far more useful to a relationship-builder than the ability to spit a thirty-second elevator pitch into someone’s face.

6. Networking is only for entrepreneurs.
If you don’t believe that having business contacts and experts at your disposal would be useful for you as a corporate person, talk to any top business leader and ask his or her opinion. It’s essential to be connected to other professionals, not just for “it’s-who-you-know” reasons but in order to get perspectives on your business and career issues that are different from?your own.

7. Networking is a waste of time.
Your networking time will surely be wasted if you approach each interaction as an opportunity hawk your wares. Ditto if you believe that your job as a networker is to tell every person you meet all about your job search and express no interest in him or her. If you can get past these bad networking ideas and cultivate some relationships, your time will be well spent.

8. Networking is expensive.
Joining a Yahoo! group is free. The popular networking site LinkedIn has a free membership level and 15 million users. Plenty of face-to-face networking events in your town will cost you nothing more than parking or bus fare.

9. Networking is phony.
If you go to a party at your sister’s house and meet her boyfriend’s dad, is your conversation phony? Networking conversations need not be any different than any other interactions between new acquaintances. It’s up to you.

10. Networking is a thing of the past.
Person-to-person relationships are more important in business than ever. If anything, networking is a thing of the future.

Liz Ryan is a 25-year HR veteran, former Fortune 500 VP and an internationally recognized expert on careers and the new millennium workplace. She is the author of “Happy About Online Networking,” a popular speaker on workplace and work/life topics, and the leader of the global Ask Liz Ryan online community. Contact Liz at

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Hmmm am not feeling well today enjoying my headache until now and took my medication but still the headache is there. Watched Movies the whole day, what a great day ha? Hehhe i don’t know if this is a great day, hey at least i got my off day and spend the whole day at home, free from the stress office life.

Been thinking the whole day beside watched some boring movie today… So i came up to think that we can actually make money buy just doing a very small investment.

But How?

Take into account you want to start a blog, and the main reason you want to start your blog because you want to make money from blogging. You are not going to sell anything on your blog or physical product, you are just doin writting job.

So in order to start you need to get your hosting server and domain name. I would say, you are going to spend around $120. Where the USD110.00 goes to your hosting server while another $10.00 goes to your Domain name. This is only an estimation, you may be able to get a better deal from the amount i mentioned.

The next thing to do

I supposed you already got your hosting server and domain name too, now setup your wordpress blog (or some others blogging platform) if you do not know how to do this try to ask your hosting provider if they provide this server for free. on the other hand, you can also ask your friend who knows about this.

By now, you already have your blog running smooth…play around with the admin panel (dashboard) start posting and develop your blog content.

Get your Blog Index

after everything setup, your work now is to make sure your blog indexed by google search engine, the fastest way to do this is by submitting your blog content to Apart from that you also need to submit your blog to a free search engine submission site. example (search it at google using this keywords: free search engine submission) and you should find so many site providing the service.

Make Money

there you go! you are just one step from doubling of what you already spent for your blog. Yup No kidding, the fastest way to make money with your blog is to do paid posting or paid review. So i am going to list all the site you can register to make your first money.

I sort them out based on ranking ( i mean, the best money making provider)





There is lots more money making opportunity, however i don’t make money with them, so i don’t list it here.

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How long have you been blogging? 1 month? 2 months? 3 months?. Regardless how many months you’ve been blogging we all need visitors. We all tried our very best to boost our blog traffic. My blog are now officialy 3 months old, qualified for paid post and others making money program and yet i still think i am not that ready to get my blog involve with paid advertisement.

let us just get back to the main topic on how to generate traffic to your blog by utilizing and

How to do this?

1) Get your free account at any blog log provider.


2) Generate the visitor log widget and Install it on your blog.

Once you finished with this step you need to make sure your blog catalog / my blog log account signed in. Because this is the only way to let people knows that you visited their blog and the percentage of having them to visit your blog is like 80-99%

If you just started your blog and wanted to increase your blog traffic and expand your blog readership, this is the simplest way to promote your blog to the world. Blog hop now and start getting a new visitor daily.

Imagine if you can blog hop 100 blogs a day? I can pretty sure you can get around 2000-2500 visitor a month which is better than having zero visitor!

Good luck! with your blog traffic!

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