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There are dozens of online trading sites nowadays and I am curious as to which one’s are the best. I have a banking account at Wells Fargo in California and they some investment options, but I’ve never heard anything about their investment accounts. I have checked out the websites of Etrade, Ameritrade, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, etc. What company offers the best format? I invest heavily in start-ups and penny stocks, what site offers the best research capabilities for these types of stocks? I’m investing about $100,000 and I prefer to do all my own trading, is there any reason I would want to go with a full service firm? I would like to stay at Wells Fargo with all my money for the simplicity, but do they stack up against the competition? Bottom line, what do you feel is the best place to trade online and why? Who has the best tools, charts, interface, advice, etc? Thanks.
I am not giving up trading penny stocks, I started investing two years ago in penny stocks with about $8000, now I have well over $100k. I plan to buy other, safer stocks, mutual funds, etc. But a large part of my portfolio is made up of penny stocks and that wont change. Is TD Ameritrade the only brokerage that offers the same price on large and low-price orders?

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