Being a finance graduate, with MBA, is it advisable to do Interior Designing course? | All About Money Online

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    I think you should stick with Finance. Seriously, I’m finance major, but yet to do my MBA (almost), Although my talent is basically in the arts—-> erm. Let’s see, you actually have an MBA, that’s good. I think based on current US job market, you should stick with finance. Are you more artistically inclined?? (I actually feel the same as you, honestly.)

    But since you already had an MBA, i advise you stick with it, and get a job. Finance MBA are HOT. Interrior designing, not too familiar, but for a business major in finance you still have a better chance in the job market.

    Finance definitely stand a chance more, so long you could be hired by a company. Interior designing is more like a narrower field (not that it’s not good, but today’s world is Business so….)

    Just stick with finance. At least it is better than accounting. Finance major is sought after by a lot of companies more than interior designing.

    You have already completed your MBA, it’s not good to change so drastically. I mean, are you going to get 2 jobs? NO right? There’s a friend of mine who know somebody who quitted business major (according to her, Business major is a nightmare), yup, quit business major to do art. Does not fare too well, since you have to start doing new courses and basically start from zero all over again. Why not just stick with it, at least you’ll get hired by Bank of America—> not too bad you know, if you work 8 hours aday Monday to Friday, and half day for Saturday. But if you do interior designing, and you think the stuff you do is cool but nobody buys it from you. It’s a competitive world out there for art majors too. But for business major, there’s a constant need in the US economy in need to fill in position for people who do accounting, finance, management. With Finance and accounting being the top needed areas. So go with it, don’t be so undecided, since if you really to take I.D., it might turn out not as good as you hoped.

    it’s understandable that sometimes people wanted a change.

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