Are There People Making Full Time Living On Google Adsense And Others Without Employing People In Any Case? | All About Money Online

One of the most popular Adsense success stories is Markus Finch of – an online dating website. He earned $1 million from Adsense in three months. He is doing his website with his girlfriend, and they are a 2-person operation. His success with Adsense comes from his strategy of keeping his dating website free (when the others are using paid subscription model) and instead monetizing it with Adsense. This is the post where Markus first revealed his earnings… ; several blogs have written about his success since then. I also earn from Adsense, not in Markus level, but 5-digits a month. My husband and I operates my website.

Yes, there are people making a living on Google Adsense without employing other people.

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