Am I More Likely To Win At Spot Forex Trading Or Stock Cfd Trading? (please Help)? | All About Money Online

I am 18 years old and I have 2 practice accounts; one with cityindex CFDs and the other with easy-forex spot forex trading. What I would like to know is, which of them am I better to trade out of forex or stock trading and which has a higher probability of me winning and creating a home based business out of that could make me a millionaire?
Also, I was trading with my CFD practice account with cityindex, and they give you £2,500 virtual money. I was down £300 or so to £2,200 on one stock with careless trading, but traded another one and was right about the market direction and made my £2,200 account into £2,986.15 in 1-2 days. With the other account; easy-forex, I have been quite careless and up until now I am learning how to use it. Please give a good answer to help solve this problem. Thanks.

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