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Welcome back to, let me get it straight ok. End of February is here and i am revealing my income again. Before you say anything i would like to tell you guys that most of the income i reveal here is from my another 4 blog.

I am not going to reveal what the blog is and what is the blog address i rather keep it secret. I finally Managed to Boost my blog income for the month of february. I Reached my USD1000.00 Monthly income, So here they are:

In case you want to know my blog income for the month of December, Read it here and for the month of january read it here

Sponsoredreviews made me =USD320.00

Reviewme made me = USD125.00

Payperpost made me= USD49.00

Blogvertise Made me= USD80.00

Smorty Made me = USD0.00

Google Adsense Made me = USD715.45 Cent

Total = USD1289.45 cent

For the first time i managed to reach my target, i guess month of February is a lucky month for me.

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