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The whole process of AdSense sign up is very easy. Once you have signed up, you can start earning money instantly. All you require to do is to visit the website You require to fill out some basic information and within the time period of two days, you would get response informing you whether or not your application have been approved. In case, you are not accepted, you would require to contact them in order to receive a proper and detailed reason of disapproval. Some reasons include personal websites that are not subjective and possessing a website that does not have a minimum of fifteen pages.
As soon as your application gets accepted, you would require to copy and page an HTML code into the pages you are keen on displaying ads on. You can also opt to displaying ads horizontally or vertically on your website. You can also customize the colors in order to match them perfectly to your website. The best part is that customer service and online help is available 24×7 in case you have any issues or queries.

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