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Written by CashMarble, on Jan 18, 2008 – 15:03

Am in the mood of rantings ! yup i am :), so now do you own a blog? is it a FREE blog or Hosted blog (paid hosting blog) i don’t know which one is you, but if you are serious with blogging i guess you should end with Hosted blog compared to Free Blog.

I believe each one of us heard about so many people are making money with their blog, regardless what the amount of income they get, the bottom line is they do make money with their blog. This is better than nothing…

So which type of bloggers are you? Paid or FREE bloggers?

If you are a FREE bloggers:

If you owned a free blog (eg,,,livejournal and others similar service provider) there is a very little opportunity for you when it comes to money making with blogging. Because most of the people who willing to spend money to promote their product or service always looking for bloggers who owned their domain and hosting it on a paid server.

The reason being, simple, if you opened an enterprise company, the business people will think and consider that your business is just a small medium business and won’t be able to cater big business that might involve thousands of dollars or million dollars business. What if you owned a Limited Liability company? Well people normally value this company as one a big company, which normally they have the money to do business. Thus, this name will build confidence towards the business people.

Should You Have your own domain name?

So now the question is, should you get your own website address and a paid hosting for blog? The Answer is Yes! but that’s only if you are serious with your blog and you want to make money from blogging.

I started blogging about 8 months now and i made money on it . just for record, for the month of january, i am now earning about USD450.00 just with paid blogging (which i did for part-time purpose) and personal ads offer i have around USD155.00 as of middle january.

I will bring more update on this income at the end of january.

So it’s time to think and check back what is the reason for to blog. okey! feel free to drop a comment if you need more help!!

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